Saturday, July 11, 2009

Longest beach in Australia

Did you know that the longest beach in Australia is COORONG (SA) with 222 kilometres? Accordingly to Andy Short from University of Sydney, most of the beaches in Australia are remote, unnamed, inaccessible and unknown. You can only drive a car to about 35 per cent of the beaches and a few of these are stuffed up.

Tip for surfers:

Andy Short, who’s dedicated 14 years researching ALL the Australian beaches, said that some of the best ones to surf are: Agnes Water on the East Coast and the North West Cape. Agnes Water's the most northerly surfing beach on Australia's east coast.


  1. Woah, It was good but short.WHAT THE HELL WAS THE SURFING THING FOR? HUH?

    1. Hi Yang Sophie, thanks for your comment. The idea for these "Did You Know" posts is to be small, providing just some drops of info so readers can proactively go and find out more, if they are interested about the subject. ;)