Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 World Master Games in Sydney

Sydney is hosting the seventh edition of the World Masters Games, which is held every four years. The veteran Olympics attracts double the number of athletes than the official Olympics. This year it brought together 28,000 athletes from 95 countries.

The first edition of the World Masters Games was realised in Toronto, Canada, in 1985. This is the third time Australia hosts the event. Brisbane hosted it in 1994 and Melbourne in 2002.

Most of the games are happening at the Sydney Olympic Park, but you can check the locations of each sport in their official website. The event runs until 18th October.

Ruth Firth, World Master Games’ oldest athlete

The oldest person at the 2009 World Masters Games in Sydney is Ruth Firth, a 101-year-old Australian woman. She’s been competing for the last 26 years, since she was 74; she trains five days a week, regularly lifting weights. And she not only did win gold, she also has broken a world shot put record. What an inspiring person!

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